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of the cases have been seen by him, and many of them carefully desciibed.

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tclangiectases "). The liver could be felt considerably below the

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and the cerebro-spinal fluid expelled. For example, the ordinary con-

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Okr. John A., Esq., to the Fleetwood District of the Fylde Union,

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measles, typhoid, erysipelas, rheumatism, septicaemia, pneumonia,

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enlarged, and the pus followed with a conchotome. The anaesthetic

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tions ;) or, the whole body of the animal is seen in a state of

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views to the effect that, so far as we know, mind is solely a function of brain.

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fifty thousand baths are said to be allowed annually to pa-

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Greene, Jos. B., Asheville, Univ. of Va., 1893 1910 1911

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continually through the month of April, had ceased.

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vix uteri is not brought into view at once, a depressor

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a dangerous and disgusting deformity. Where the anus is imperfor-

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must be made so by thoroughly mixing them with distilled water; 5

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institute of Physical Culture is also planned by Dr.

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with regular articular gout." Gout has always been a

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larynx is a very difficult feat, and the fear of such an accident is, for the most part,

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used for the purpose. Removal of the tonsils by this method is very

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foot and left leg. The sensibility of the right lower limb was

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who profess the healing art— no matter of what creed— but does that same

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formed in the popliteal or in the epitrochlear elbow

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which convey reflex impulses. Some experiments would seem to show that

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Phenazone and acetanilide are useful in minor cases, but their tendency

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strangulation, I find that No. 4 was operated upon four hours after

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Over the point where the vibration is greatest is heard a loud

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Among the guests were Sir John Hendrie ; Dr. Jamieson,

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mal puncta, epiphora, lodgment of fluids in the conjunctival

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after the usual methods, even as the abdomen is ster-

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od of action of two-joint muscles of the hind leg of the frog has been again the

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This work is a monograph of 182 pages, a large proportion

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forge at Upper Park Place, Regent's Park ; in Glouces-

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urinary Diseases, Syphilology and Dermatology, vol. iii. Part I. p. 273. See also under

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majority of pathogenic microbes, leucocytes are positively attract-

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1 to 25. If, instead of substituting an animal nitro-

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tampon, in <»rder to master the bleeding,* and our lancet will stay in its

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tion by a simple and obvious phonetic spelling ; its derivation, whereby easy

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derived four children of whom three came down with pellagra, but the

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nous urine, which is but a symptom, will disappear as the causes

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