In a previous paper^ on the cultivation of B. leprce it was stated that

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staring eyeballs and an enlarged thyroid body. In Germany such cases are

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265-269. Also: Med. Mirror, St. Louis, 1900, xi, 13-17.—

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hyperaimia around the short process of the left. His power

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material in favor for the douching is a solution of corrosive

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typhoid, except fever, to be absent in children. We

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particularly in the hippocampal lobule, or anterior extremity of the

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arm on bo t r s ide g s. It is very rare that we find suicidal stabs in the abdomen

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stomach, of which the distinguishing characteristic is a burning

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The salts form at the surface in warm weather, and being quite

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puscles of Vater, the bulb corpuscles of Krause," and the touch cells

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The occipito-atloid articulation may be presented as an example of

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organisms are closely related to trypanosomes, and are believed

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skin, the muscles, the alimentary or respiratory tracts." — Lunctl.

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to good general health, prove conclusively that it was

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among us will be reminded of the more prudent behavior of their peers. The small number of greedy will be reminded

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he wrote there was evidence enough against it. Such observers as

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time requix-ed for treatment, the complications liable to arise, the acci-

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may be applied in the form of a plaster or in collodion.

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year (1800), and concludes that " it seems more than probable

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go through a village we find one case in a house, rarely

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August 23, 1949. The meeting was held at the Esque-

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Hall, presides over the organic function of the eye.

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anywhere. The local vary with the extent of the disease and

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of very slight degree consists only of tonic spasm are exceedingly rare.

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wenital atrium 0-4 to 0-5 millimetre behind the anterior margin ; uterine

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render the animal immune to tubercular infection, and also to

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7.— Elliott reports 4 cases of actinomycosis, in none of

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