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latter event the growths are always associated with suppuration ; and when

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This little patient was attacked much more severely

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Mar.x. S. ; N. Y. Med. News, August 15, ig'Xj ; Medical Rec-

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767,686^ Hypodermic Syringe, Henry J. Detmers, Columbus, Ohio,

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Recent researches have demonstrated that this parasite is some-

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the gonococcus. Both are biscuit-shaped cocci; both grow feebly on

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gives an account of the treatment in twenty-four cases of chronic epi-

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life. Likewise, the human strain injected into cattle produces a defi-

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Hygienic measures, however, are of the first importance. A change of

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Blood was found in the intestines. — Ibid., 1867.

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have shown that the B. coli, in passing through the human organism, does

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extending over the whole abdomen, and alternating with intervals of

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Grammar School, on leaving which he joined one of the

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lodgment in different organs they may induce symptoms not only as the

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Rigor mortis appears early and is very marked. ^^Tien death takes

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diuretics are effective for volume overload; if the ten-

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considerable pus evacuated from various side pockets. The

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it is situated in the substance of the kidney, and occasionally between

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for single rooms in the same sections. The rates for

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known its high appreciation of the integrity, ability, and geniality which

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ished. Cecil and Bulkley report 21 cases of oxyuris appendicitis

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defeated this session, the Executive Committee pro-

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is claimed that the specialist is necessarily one-sided ; that he

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jection should be repeated within twelve hours; otherwise 30 Cc.

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The patient himself, not being hindered by any band-

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Sir : Apropos of etherization by the rectum, permit me

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commonly known as carbolic acid, shall be sold at retail by any person