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On the kidneys tea acts sometimes as a diuretic, due partly

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We do not look for grandmotherly legislation nor puritanical

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The eyes may be of normal size and position in the large orbital cavities,

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IHscuseion opened by H. Reineking, Milwaukee; F. Shimoneck,

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superfluous to mention the asepsis of the parts and

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for weakness and ansemia, bed ; emaciation, bed ; irritable stomach,

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phthisis with cavities, gangrene of the lung, and abscess of

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that designated by Charcot, in 1874, as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has

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turbances of the Climacteric Period in Women, by Dr. G. H.

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He is rated as one of the first, if not the very first, of living etchers.

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Dr. Porter- considers that there are three factors in the development

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of the lipolytic and of the diastatic enzymes has not yet been always successful.

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Putting facts to the proof, by comparing the annual income, from its

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to his native city and was regularly enrolled as a member

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ter, proceeds to assert that it is one of the most potent diffusible stimu-

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tricite." (1/r. 50.) Dunn, "Nouveau traitement chirurgical des

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year. The balance in the hands of the bankers, including

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ance, and they also needlessly excruciate the body." In

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termined by Wassermann tests of both blood and spinal fluid.

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children the dose is increased, and given in the same way. For adults,

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tion in these matters, the teacher might proceed to deal with

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water made potable and safe to be used. It was shown at the Lawrence

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Clerkeuwell News — Surrey Times— Poor-law Chronicle.

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Limitations of staff and time circumscribed some of these endeavors and

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proteins, living or dead, introduced into living tissue, act as

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are grouped under one head. Thus, water is described under

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Leiglilin, Sir William Petty, and Dr. Wilioughby, and besides

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and remorseless system of practice. We have no idea of the med-

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ment the size of a small apple in the right side, which disap-

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Report of the Congressional Committee on Yellow Fever.

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Second. The quantity of light is lessened; so that the object, if viewed as