limbs ; no improvement followed administration of atropine, which was
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sions, some physicians have strongly advocated tapping in an early
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If it be true that it is the cold which chiefly helps, then it seems a great
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Oxford in the October term apparently well. Being hkely to gain high
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In addition to its political significance, Frankfort
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Paris an institution with aims and tendencies very similar to those
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in glanders. An injection of mallein produced a very trifling reaction.
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direct representation, must at once bestir themselves. The Bill has now
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powdered with iodoform, and covered with a strip of taffeta.
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The attendance of members at the meetings has been scarcely as large
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cares in which life has been prolonged, and some ,n which complete re-
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initiating them with pious ceremonies, calling upon the
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advocated by the Association, which can alone secure a satisfactory
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Total in which Endocarditis was absent or incompletely developed — 3G
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the cauterised surface covered with iodoform collodion. . .
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which we examined was fitted with a long rusty iron trough, mostly un-
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poisonous ingredient of this gas, he states, is carbonic oxide, and the
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22nd March last, was an agreeable and successful one. The hospitalities
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slow and uncertain. Sometimes necrosis has extended beyond the
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suppuration produced by leaving the seton in position for a month the
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fragment, starting from the reticulum, had pierced its anterior wall,
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Treatment. — Careful disinfection of the cornea, conjunctiva, and
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On admission, he had an anaemic, cachectic appearance ; and the
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211 days after the primary inoculation, produced no appreciable
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trot the horse roared after five minutes. When pushed it almost
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hours. A fit again threatening, the cUoroform was readministered.
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the preface Mr. Syme says "as there appears to be prevalent
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their country houses. And thus he lived his life for
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especially in the thickness of the septum and of the wall of the left
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of " temper-disease". In this form of ailment, the mental disposition