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day. After a week or two the amount of the injection

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urate of soda in the fibrous cartilage, are, I believe, com-

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blue, and the principal one as white at the base, then yellow,

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were very persistent I should feel great confidence in restricting

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necessitated for long periods, were so insignificant, and the

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utterly unconscious of all the circumstances connected with her labour. The

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Devoted to treatment of nervous and mental illnesses, alcohol-

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one should always fear the formation of false joints.

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in the absence of evidence, we cannot admit the existence of

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efforts careful observations were made, recorded, com-

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presence of peculiar microphytes. Why should not these, whether as

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fusion in the pathology of tubercle which has been brought

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Albu, is distinctly benefited by restriction of fluids. As no water is

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of disease of the kidneys. Two circumstances, in the majority of

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besides gas, many solid masses. They were opened in only one place, to dis-

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officers of the rank of surgeon-major, as have served

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that there is good ventilation, but avoid drafts and have a tem-

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h.andl., 8°, Leipz., 1889, 27-63.— L,ow (R. B.) The origin of

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anaesthesia is far too brief for a really satisfactory removal of the

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sengers, with a space of three square metres per capita.

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tion, metamorphosis, and most other vital functions,

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endeavoured to prove that what was new, true, and valuable

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Remedy. — Solution acetate ammonium, 4 fluid ounces;

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brandy. After tracheotomy, on the other hand, there

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mann Medical College, Philadelphia; Thoracic Surgeon

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the ears, and the sense of hearing has become blunted of late. The

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