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destructive of human life. If arsenic must be employed, it

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vitreous, but the result of this operation was fairly good, the

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The excellent studies of Hamilton et al, Wolff, and

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quicker, eiisier, requires simpler instruments, and is attended with far less

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wounds, and the eye is more apt to be lost by infection than in wounds

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verse veins at the root of the nose are enlarged. I have looked for this

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cury. Then let him have a steam atomiser at work casting

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brought down to the pelvic floor, when the hand could betaken out.

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in the early stage of the disease, the infection is a severe one and

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haps, about the base of it and in the neighbouring vessels.

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reason. He then noticed suppurations on the lingers,

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1. In all cases where there are false passages it is imperatively

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the disease have been described by various observers. It occurs in

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runs from the nucleus to the periphery. Lesions may involve any part of the

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"4. That in small doses it has useful therapeutic properties.

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tonitis. This presented itself under various forms, and

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.1 ,■»• ; .1 A- t- . t V „ ot protective substances which torm

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be added to the noxious materials, or if semen be de-

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K To clean dairy utensils use pure water only. First rinse the utengils in warm

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