verted into retrogression; at other times the work is too prolonged, and
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sarcomatous and cancerous tissues, but here again more exact observa-
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Koch, Professor. The Cholera in Germany during the Winter of 1892-93, translated by-
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ful. Before dressing the cord, the ligature must be carefully examined,
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capable of producing, not only immunity against a subsequent virulent
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covering. The cells undergo, in fact, an acute process of degeneration
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measured by the plethysmograph. These phenomena are doubtless due
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time that the characteristic symptoms of many infective diseases are
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infecting organic matters. Tincture of iodine dropped into warm water
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Cygnoeus used a virulent culture which he injected into animals in
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bacteria, features either recognised as specific characters, or of biologi-
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gray matter of the cord with exudation of finely granular matter and
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and appearance, may be these swellings detached from the spirilla.
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declined to call it a theory)^ oi fever as a neurosis, which was expressed
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the joints, the hot thermal treatment is very useful ; and it must
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also commonly seen beneath the skin and serous membranes, and occa-
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previously without apparent cause, with spasms of the jaw causing him
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other part of his body grew small or great ; that would not aher his in-
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beneficial, it is questionable whether it is wise to remove materials
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The following stages are recognised by most clinicians : incubation,