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DeBalzac in ' ' The Country Doctor ' ' gives us this vivid picture of a Cretin : "A
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curative measure and a limited value as a prophylactic
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the symptoms were what we now call total aphasia accompanied
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pituitary body. The postmortem findings showed a large vascular tumor at
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*' On the 21st, at night, he began to be restless, wandering and nois^,
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intramedullary portion of the anterior roots in one case,
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vaseline, 10 to 15 grs. in the ounce. Antipyrine, in doses to suit the age,
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when the primary current is broken. This gives less heat in the tube
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tion, horizontal stroking of the abdomen can produce the general abdominal reflex.
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vicinity of the eyes, or if a bloody and purulent discharge begins
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first shedding of the skin and the reduction of the gills to mere stumps
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handed. In one he spoke English, in the other imperfect
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'that there was no external evidence of the existing peculiarity,
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had exacerbations of fever, and profuse sweating. This led me to
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Society, April 13, 1S76, on this subject, narrates some ex-
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seconds, during wbich there was often apnea, the patient turned his head
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and its first sign is a rise of eosinophiles. Almost
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