were cut through to the bone, and the scalp was wounded severely in several
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labia majora, it is natural enough that these individuals
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to be used as an Antiperiodic, or in Malarial disease, and although, Dr-
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the ophthalmic branch ought to be separated from the rest of medicine
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through a tube in order to avoid staining the teeth.
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Sept. 1, 19G2, for academic post. Contact Dept. 985 in
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these, the point of the knife or scissors — I prefer the latter —
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of that period. He died in 912 A. D. as the result of a
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FIG. 2. Drawings of optic fundus showing pigmentary degeneration of retina: A-fundus of patient A. W. (Case 1); B-fundus of patient
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as to continue the paralysis beyond the usual and natural
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the disease have been described by various observers. It occurs in
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£ure of this mafafmus •, the obje£t is to rem.ove indurated and
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Boston Oars and Boston Sewers. — W. R. Nichols, of
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conditions, portability of coverage, ERISA reform and
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One (6 per cent) showed a rise; three (19 per cent) not changed.
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has involved has led me to the interesting discovery of hyper-
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November 30th the record shows no recoveries and 14 deaths.
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thenic, with a variety of simulated disorders. Such patients have
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ovum, until the child's head has advanced unto the vagina, or
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VoN J. CoHNHEi.M. Die Tuberculose vom Standpunkt der In-
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titrations are also carried out with the unfiltered soup to which a quantity
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tin's improved rectum speculum, described in the Med-
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borderland cases, and in connexion with the functional conditions asso-
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coil with one free end, that connected to the condenser ; the interrupter circuit
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injection of air or water has apparently eft'ected restoration in cases of
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upon him to try the homoeopathic remedies, or, at least, to
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King, W. W., assistant surgeon, relieved from duty at New Orleans,
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his study but must be aware that the disappointment consequent on the
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the palms, soles, and tips of the fingers, on account of the insufficient
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either tibia. The blood examination was negative for malarial
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on the improvements of our mechanical appliances, and attach
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been inaccurate in supposing that he spoke " of the pro-
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matter and the albumen that had occurred coincidently in the urine
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have also been made to increase the efficiency of the compound still