Soon after this has taken place oedema of the feet and
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pigs when injected subcutaneously ; or injected intraperitoneally produces
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promptings of a teacher ! Perhaps at the commencement
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the Kidneys." Mustard paste applied to the loins is also good.
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the members, I repeat, 50 per cent of the members have not
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use of some one of the remedies previously mentioned.
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the tone of the abdominal muscles is either temporarily or per-
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Case I. — Onset twelve years ago, with great loss of weight
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were incapable of producing the disease, differing in this
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he had also detected change in the size of the gland in
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carried up to the pubic limiting mark. The penis can
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varying degree of mental and physical departure from the normal.
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tenets, but guided by "Fair Play" and "Belief in Eternal
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2 Topographic Anatomy of the Child, Edinburgh, 1887.
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female pelvic organs, and with commendable frankness pub-
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spontaneous origin, and if the experiments all turn out success-
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epidemic is wide-spread, the number of cases during the winter in-
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generations, is a gradual process of organization — ^a process in which
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240 Alexander Hill Macpherson, L.R.C.P. & S. Ed.,
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other than the direct use of solutions. Inasmuch as the substance is slightly
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of purely peripheral facial palsy arise from syphilitic causes. A basal
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because they are thinner behind tlie knob-end, and can there-
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(say) ammonia is good for a headache ; so why should he not
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combination with protein matters. He has lately made some