vestigation of uriue, he will sometimes find it difficult to form
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containing a feather bed was dumped on a vacant lot.
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the care of the department of Ethnology and Archeology to a practicing
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they come to rest during latent periods of infection. It is doubtful
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can only be temporary, and then of an extraordinarily slight and,
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through numerous lymphatic glands, to combine and empty at last
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be desirable to make other frozen puddings, custards, dainties,
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When in bed, the patient kept his leg slightly flexed. He could only sit on a chair
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ter to employ a skillful physician and pay him cheerfully than to run
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with the well -recorded cases of those who have seen the
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stand the text, he accepts, in doctrine or theory, and appropri-
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eyeballs are to be found. Still rarer are the cases of
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(«) A change of drinking-water, or water from chalky regions. Constipation
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monly conceded to constitute the Filippino force now
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new and more striking impressions ; but how so distinct a
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square particles, which apparently increase by fissiparous division in
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negative results. Exceptionally a few scattered rales are heard. The
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improbably the multiplying forms in the stomach are
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tip. The temperature was 100° F,, pulse 92, and respira-
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inclinations, or horizontally, as may be required. In the latter po-
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ment due to motor paresis, must be determined from the results of an
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which no argument will drive these amateur triflers
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subject; indeed, the supporters of the doctrine claim the privilege of
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