division of disease into acute and chronic. Hippocrates
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vertigo, disturbed sleep, tinnitus aurium ; or there is a sense
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action of the heart alarm people very much, and impress them
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" You will remember, however, I doubt not, that I declined
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necessarily imply that the commimication of the latter with sensory
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Puhis Scammonii compositus (L., 'E., D.) is purgative
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chronic inflammatory disease in these animals, as well as in the
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were torn away ; the sciatic nerve divided, and several inches-
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Mr. Bennett May, excised theright kidney of a female
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ous than was indicated by either the subjective or ob-
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subjects treated of in the ten chapters of which it is com-
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important divisions of Dr. Budd's work, and shall commence
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that of a probability. The lungs may be considered as bundles of vessels
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with 2 1171 and 2 NN, might be examples of fusion instead of
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I was called, about eight P. M., on the 25th of September
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and a thickening of the wall; the urine escapes in drops and part of it
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Fruit and Bread, — translated from the German by Dr. Holbrook, and pub-
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, be imitated, and is generally accompanied by bad language. The
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genius Emperor Frederick II; of Henry III, King of England,
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The various methods employed in making blood cultures were
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Trataniiento quinirgico de la tarsalgia. Eev. de med.,
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recovery. The safety net includes the regular assessment
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consequent production of a hemolytic serum specific for
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examinations is trifling, only fifteen or twenty minutes being
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The Introductory Lecture was delivered by Dr. Broadbent,
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divided or fluid. He is also able to masticate solid
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yagum inflamed in the whole of its course through the thorax. The cardiac nerves and the
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but the supply of serum has been altogether too scanty to allow of any-
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Exsection of the knee-joint is generally considered a serious, not to
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® Ramsay Hunt, Jbid., June 1916, p. 446. ^ Sachs, Ibid., March 1919, P- 76.
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vasomotors, it would seem from the experience of the past
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absence of any good influences there might have been
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the sensorium, I have found it a mild and efficacious remedv.
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viewed the recent theories as to the causation of epi-
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be a good trade, for ye have but one of them left."
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4. Zezas, Wiener Klinische Woehenschrift No. 32, 1904.
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soon as the intratracheal method was substituted, the abdomen
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inspectorships and commissionerships of prisons, in