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mouth and nose, which fall off in pieces." The journal concludes by
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being such that the movement of one particle involves a contempora-
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frequently present in cases of acute strangulation of the uterus : I mean
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hypochondriasis common. They have had much to do with the origin
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Dr. Shettlc, Reading ; Dr. Amlson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Dr. Gwynne Harries,
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St. Thomas's Hospital. — Aggregate Fee (giving unlimited ad-
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The lecturer adverted to the grandeur of the privilege and prerogative
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H.P., Medical — 6 months, £\2 12s. ; 2 3'ears, £1% l8s. ; unlimited,
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this point, and showed how the breadth of view thus obtained gives
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have been obliged to leave Fr.ance on account of the war and reside
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Order of events. — At 2.30 P.M. To attend a Clinique at the
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and Clinical Medicine and Surgery, and also of Jlorbid Anatomy. —
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son taught by these facts will not be lost upon the heads of families,
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titero for two months, without hremorrhage or fcetid discharge. — Dr. G.
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anil day-schools when convalescent from the fever, without taking any
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nervous centres. The method of vaccination described is the one usually adopted
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urreci. %\hen he attended the meeting held at Norwich some years
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to pass between the limbs, and withdrawn so as to leave the napkin
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m their nature, for these ilo vary, may not be the product of a peculiar
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ments were required in the English system, i. All drugs and appli-
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is known as Professor Lister's treatment of wounds, I may go on to
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sanitary matters will lead to such strong pressure upon the Home Secretary before
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no need to hurry the treatment. The clothes are most easily and effectually dis-
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decoction of the leaves of the yew ( taxus laccata). Deatli followed
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portion of the left buttock as well. As the bone w.os uninjured, as well
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army, desirous not only of helping in the hospitals, but also of gaining
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the field of hospitality and science. \.4pplaHse.'\ I but express the
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vart, that the scapula and ilium are essentially columnar bones ; and that
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Prizes. — In addition to three Scholarships, value /20, £1$, and ^10,
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70 deaths occurring in the sub district this last quarter, 7 were re-
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they were suspended and swung about easily, according as the patient
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whole there are about 80 students in the Faculty of Medicine more
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if they had just left the parade-ground in Berlin than like troops who
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training, but such cases are the exceptions to a very general rule, that a
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over the backs of chairs ; the furniture also is to be removed from the walls, the
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Caffraria he never lacked a subject for his anatomical researches, as he
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the state to which the vertigo is to be attributed. A chapter on treat-
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indefinite distance. There were short cough, difficult respiration, and
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the deaths from all causes in the public practice of Newcastle in 186S
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The mortality was very low: out of 769 cases treated in 1869 in the
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tific examination of tropical diseases, and of other complaints wlrich the
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accidents, as far as mechanical precaution, added to proper care, can