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1895-6, xxiii, 669-572. Also : Proc. Orleans Parish M. Soc.
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(from the articular surfaces) : Internal condyle of femur, 2.4 cm. ; external
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hours. At no time was the temperature over 100°, and
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Such had been the skill acquired in recent years that
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during the amputation. The wound healed well, but some weeks later
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Sir D. Corrigan, I have only to say that sometimes I am at a
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Figs. 5 to 8. Lesions of the proximal end of the metatarsals.
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straction of heat, the adnunistrationoCquiniae deserves most confidcnw.
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gestions characteristic ol these affections. It only may
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Tumor, abscess, and other focal lesions of the cerebellum have been
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The writer is well aware that to obtain all the data
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and it has been the experience of many to know, as far as falls within the
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excessive omental development is a factor in the production
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years who was under-developed and had always been subject to
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found the disease transmitted to the foetus unless the mother
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branes, and, by the postural method, succeeded in keeping the
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nor bruit. The tumor was readily reduced. The sphyg-
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Our message was heard. I beheve Mr. Rowland recognizes the legitimacy of our requests and that we are not simply
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cursory observer. In melanamia, the mucous membrane
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when several bones were affected this disturbance, to a certain
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important facts recorded in the dissertations of Sauve and Pe-
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after the paralysis has existed for some time, to overlook the fact that the
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nance, and sometimes pectoriloquy. Bubbling and gurgling rales are
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" at the time was so great that we have looked upon him as an
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den onset and the violence of its symptoms. Thorough washing of
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look. At the worst it is much less injurious in my estimation
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mentioned, the following congenital conditions are not infrequently met
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Then, and not till then, empiricism and quackery, the panaceas of Dr.
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cation between it and the parish well was e%'ident from the fact that in times
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disease, sensory troubles are almost entirely absent,
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Pyelitis — simple or purulent — with late involvement of the kidney
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ment’s stringent wartime controls, is almost per-
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in Chinatown, with but imperfect isolation and disin-
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Cong, interiiat. d'hvg. et de d6iiiog. C. r. 1894. Budapest,
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Here, again, had attention only been directed to the pulse
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tained the foreign body. When this foreign body is retained
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also makes gluten biscuits and bread, well spoken of by Dr. Pavy.
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$47.67. To support, however, the 14,000 persons in the
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and add one ounce of glycerine and two ounces of alcohol