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ing the mucous membrane in the most skilful way possible. But
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the Uterus, by Prof. H. T. Byford. of Chicago; Wounds and In-
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One pint of strong carbolic acid added to five gallons
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blood may be increased by this ingestion of excessive
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of some important organ; the chest, carefully explored, resounded
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capable of setting up a lesion in cattle. In cattle the lesions
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truth. The sudden movement of the limb had reduced the
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f sheet, impervious also, with a slack of about nine inches. A sick person
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it must be adniitted that, unless strong solutions of nitrate of silver are of this
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afterwards, on one occasion only, a little blood. During all
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much decreased. He has now no pain and very little swelling,
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or less l^ht on the department of pathology. In striving to penetrate
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bad waters as well, he is quite within his rights to adopt
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blacksmith, and in his early years plied his father's
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voyage the red glasses were worn. The first two days on the
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travel in malarial districts, the season of the year in which such fevers are
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Dr. a. W. Gray: In the absence of Dr. Kletzseh I can make the report
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can be no question of doubt that Drs. C. H. Hughes, Pinckney French and
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than to check it when it is formed f It may be said that the
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lating liquid, as the liniment of turpentine, will afford relief. The latter will
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tion in one regard at least, that is, the area of denudation
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curable at prices varying from 10 to 40 shillings. In each
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others escape when, in those days, the entire population
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since a number of cases of complete relief of the most intense photophobia,
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said that an acute pyosalpinx should never be operated upon immedi-
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and I am persuaded you will be so kind as to give them a publi-
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the right side being more often affected than the left. The blood undergoes
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eye, and an equal consensual contraction in the other. When both
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the thermometer, symptoms pertaining to animal heat are rendered objec-
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In order to do this, it is necessary to review briefly
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structive shot of the Pharmacopeia, he may chance to avoid the enemy, and
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whole merit of having established the apjdicability of it,
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A sixteen-inch Scheidel X-Ray Coil with full line of accessories, all in
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jaw bones is examined small nodules or swellings can be