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for the coolnefs of the gn^fs will purge him fuffici-
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or blight may be prevented in them, which cannot be
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patients is pallor. In certain cases its association with other signs or
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symptoms are present ; or at intervals over several years ; or continuously,
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stunted. In the worst cases the abnormal curves, as those of the tibia
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colour disappears on the addition of ether in the case of the organic acids,
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In securing sputum for culture, it is important to take precautions against
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or stomach the stools are of a uniformly dark chocolate colour, which
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what was regarded as simple diarrhoea. In the latter case the liquid
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female, 6 to 12 cms. by 1*7) than A. lumbricoides, from which it is further
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and oxygen, which are present in the eructated gas, come partly from
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all others, M. de Buffon declares it to be his opinion,
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Etiology. — It is much more frequently secondary than primary. It
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little more than that of a retinal vein to more than half that of the
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the food contained microbes which were present in the flesh of the
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use as a remedy, the more so as whiskey, brandy, gin and other
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musculature of the stomach takes places to receive the oncoming bolus.
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obscured. "When the tympanites is great the diaphragm is pushed upwards,
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fince it hardly ever fails to make the ulcer yield a
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generally evidenced by vertigo, faintness, palpitation, irregular pulse,
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wander fnto places it is unacquainted with, and there
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does not compleat the work of generation, but comes
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I fhall confider Bmifes in three lights ; firft, with
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has proved to me, I think, that shell shock is also due to fear, a
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affected side are restricted, the right rectus tense, and perhaps the corre-
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become irregular either in time or quantity. The presence of phthisis does
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to the part, at the removal of the poultices, has fome-
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discovered by Kitasato and Yersin in the Hong Xong epidemic of 1894.
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ordinary contents of the stomach, with mucus, stained with more or less
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The blood brought up from the lungs is nearly always bright and frothy,
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toxine, which affects specially the motor centres of the nervous system.
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to an enormous extent, the organ descending to the crest of the ilium,
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healthy dog. Bacilli show great resistance to cold. Successive freezing
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pletely heal, leaving but little or no damage in the gastric mucous
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indulgence is operative. We often see the liver of confirmed drunkards
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