ment of this kind was suspected twenty*' years ago by Tiirck

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The Fever. — The fever is of the sub-continuous or remittent type,

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antitoxin treatment of diphtheria in Berlin the past sum-

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phate. Urio-acid infarction is most commonly seen in new-bom in-

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marked in inebriates than in the insane, though palates otherwise de-

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use of the cervical splint alone is the most effec-

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of the Lffiiversity of Minnesota Medical School in 1942,

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through the inguinal canal to the symphisis pubis where its fibres

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into the bladder by the urethra. The patients in three

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often associated with other neuroses ; and it seems to be more or less

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The blood is a red homogeneous fluid, of a saltish taste and glutin-

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cellent results. Von Wagner* found that paretics treated with tuber-

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cases of obstinate vomiting of pregnancy he successfully

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tion of the chest and back, but lets the diagnosis go as malaria, grippe,

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were engaged to marry, for neither had the slightest

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willing to leave the fire a single moment, in conse-

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ing the hand to the chest, it is usually found that the cardiac systole is more

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Artificial limbs. 1.107, act approved June 11, 1896 ;

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The patient, a man 47 years of age, had smoked three or

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oxide — Hyoscyamus — Ipecac — Laryngitis ; Symp-

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Outbreaks have been reported under unusual circumstances. Thus

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At the 54th meeting of the Medical As- the gastro intestinal decomposition and

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member increases with the velocity, whether a bone is traversed or not. It

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and bandaged. It was not opened for 48 hours and then only just long

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with Dr. Boardman, where the pelvis was at first en-

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fortunate to have had the collaboration of these investigators and are

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was slightly turbid and the anterior chamber was very deep. Tension of left

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and to the right, as in Fig. 222, relaxes the stylo-hyoid and

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