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normal ; a longitudinal and transverse rent in the anterior uterine wall, with

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Arrangements, and the Committee on Topics has just reported

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daily, each treatment lasting three-quarters of an hour. It consists of placing

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same power as fifteen grains of chloral, or forty-five minims of paraldehyde.

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It has been our practice at the Long Island College Hospital to

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to a marked degree. It usually varies from 100 to 110 ; in some cases

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unable to state what he really meant by this, but merely re-

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scrotal sac about four inches long and one and one-half inch in diam-

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the lymphoid tissues of the appendix and similar tissues in other

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may be gathered from the recommendation to administer it as a solution in

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and reports having performed this operation in the case of a

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another examination is made. (7) The bi-manual examination

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convoluted tubules, while the loops of Henle are comparatively free, and in

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to the many books on the subject already extant can commonly awaken.

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DuPONCHEL [Ibid.), in speaking of the " pneumonia of influenza " ("pneu-

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Second visit to Clinic March 12, 1919. Blood pressure 180-110.

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of the lymphoid glands of the tonsil, cecum, or appendix, or in

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exudation was visible as a yellowish line. This bluish color was not further

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qualitatively. As internal secretions and enzymes in physio-

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from the exploding shell. It has been asserted that death may be

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munication are still scanty and almost confined to such instances of

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morbid area, the sharpness of the margination is lost in cicatricial tissue,

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medical treatment. Cranial surgery is achieving splendid triumphs in

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the pupil, in certain conditions, such as a tendency to tension.

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which, however, seems to diff'use the iodoform the more widely.

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continuously going on and causes those sensations of coldness and raw-

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not believe," the writer begs to say that there is given every

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coma. An ambulance was called and she was brought to the

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Tubal Pregnancy treated by Injection of Chloride of Zinc.

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hearing was reduced. After suffering fifteen years from these attacks the