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the reproduction of a specific material within the infected
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Very rapid and weak pulse. Sudden failure or sinking of strength. Cold,
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the utility of strong antiseptic solutions. He spoke
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rods became swollen and globular, and in about three hours, at
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Iodoform in Tuberculous Phthisis. — A Foxwell (Birmingham Medi-
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tonic, relieving the pressure on the capillaries and equalizing the circula-
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spinal nerves, producing paraplegia, commencing at the feet and creeping
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second week of the fever. ^Miscarriage occurred in 5 of the patients,
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As the bacilli are to be regarded as the virus of tul)erculosis, so their
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and the late. The early appears after the second sound of
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would report on the subject and offer recommendations for their
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expense that often attend their first experience with the mi-
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After trying these methods and observing their disadvantages
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atic cholera? Fovel smd it was not. Koch says it is, and there
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The Treatment of Corneal Spots by The Uses of Papine. — Wm. J. Crittenden,
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As regards sex, 48 were males, 30 femah^s ; of these,
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next term. Peter reminds us of a most expressive answer of a truthful
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radical cure on October 16. The plug was removed on the-
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The salaries are to be such as the Boaid " direct or approve ;"
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evolved but invisible carbonic acid, sulphurous acid,
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pulate the floating kidney into its normal position, or as nearly so
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would have had an interest almost exclusively academical,
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was submitted — recognizable to the sense of smell, but not definable.
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ways ; remove the seeds, and fill the inside with hot mince ;
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last portion of the urine voided, moreover, will always be found
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Fig. I. — Top of Table. At metal frame : B^ polished glass plate for head and
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always prepared for the contingency of abdominal section being
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(Landouzy and Wernicke). A conjugate paralysis of the lateral ocular
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