4. It is anti-syphilitic, inasmuch as it heals chancres and vene-
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Compaomyia maoella/ria (the screw- worm fly), — adult, wings expanded
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alcohol with the production of hydrochloric acid. The acid so formed attacks
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quarter grain of the permanganate was injected into
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is lowest — 14° — in June. These extremes — 21°-2 and 9°"4
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medical profession of New Yurk has sustaiiUMl a severe loss,
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been ill five days. Tip to June 1st he continued in an ill-defined
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the unskilled labor), of Swiss, and even Germans. The French
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Report of the Western Lying-in Hospital, (1837,) the length of
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view of the wasting of the body which attends its march, but yet not dis-
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I could enumerate many cases illustrating this, but excmfla
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President, Dr. Sansom, hiw thoroughly investigated it, and on more
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deductions which my observations seem to me to justify.
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and transported, produces the cerebral or spinal embolism which is
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but what directly proceeds from itself. It will tyrannize (as it
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there are differences, but none that can be discovered
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or longer, and while, as a rule, a gradual amelioration also takes
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slight recurrence each year until June, 1914, when she died. These attacks were
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liaebbe peepop 80 peopep pcenceap 81 *j pinep liealpne
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obliteration of its lumen. Usually this obliteration is dis-
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rats and mice are highly resistant to experimental tuberculosis, and are
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There is, indeed, no better method than to seize it with a small pincers, or
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scope of tlie work done by this well known pharmaceutical houae.
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dered after a similar blood-thirsty fashion. At the umbihcus there
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Hypertension. -In the Journal of the American Medici Association
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being most sickening; and the evening previously the vesical
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employed wherever possible in all cases where operation is under discussion,
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speaking, in that particular form to which they are accustomed.
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appoint a committee to report in the premises, and then
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typhoid bacillus from which it differs chiefl}' in its behavior in cul-
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express himself clearly ; pulse 90 ; tongue moist and furred ; bowels constipated. Ordered
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course, doubtful, as the result entirely depends on the extent
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bromin rather than the alkali is the source of these
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inflamed vein, or veins have proved very successful, and under
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Under normal conditions a temperature which is not very low will pro-
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very much in this localized congestion theory without a focns of irrita-
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until she took twenty-nine pills twice a day, that is to say, one hun-
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by Walter F. Atlee, M. D. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1855.
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been reported. Syndactylism was also observed in cases in which the
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During the period intervening between the first cases at Devens
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4th, 1894. Born in 1824, Dr. McCluer was graduated from the Medical
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muscle. In this condition the circulation feels the effect
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catholic spirit, and extend to it the right hand of fel-