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the lips. One way of doing this is gently to raise the lower jaw so that

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syphilis only some thousands have tabes, and of the

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not as yet claim very definite results, but believes that

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tioo of fomentations and poultices. Ulcers may, perhaps, form from

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be examined for Honours in Surgery. The Examination is

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Both the acids contain phosphorus. Protagon has been obtained

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<iuently tubal disease and peritonitis resulted.

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recall that in a simple case a portion of bowel is invaginated

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dermatology have articles on this condition while internists have

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"bit" may be. Women, as a whole, are not likely £££££* YYYYYYYYYY. YYY 2, |J}?

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inconveniences were greater than their conveniences, and I then

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retraction of the normally overlapping lung makes their pulsations vis-

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and the distribution of numerous pulsatile dilatations upon the different vas-

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of sympathy between soul and body in that particular case, in

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drinldiig after diimer once asked his friends, on the removal of the cloth,

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of so firm consistence that they feel like shot beneath

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In these cases a more energetic .and profounder modifying effect upon

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with those 6mt mentioned."' Equally strong proof is afforded by iht

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provider laws is encouraging health plans to tighten up

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constituents of the blood without the red corpuscles. From what is known

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found to contain a large quantity of coagulated blood.

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of the mucous membrane below the plug. Something can be done in this

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pressure in the wound, and apply above the wound a tourniquet or

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matter in competent hands has been gaining ground. Judging from

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ferent service commands. (2) Memo, 1st Lt Robert J.

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was one of exhilaration, the brain being stimulated.

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Major Joseph Hubbard Saunders, Med-ORC, Williamston.

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and cord are protected from pressure and injury by the amniotic

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than usual, and that he was much more frequently called on to pass it

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Having described the qualifications of this noble animal,

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scarce and juiceless, and I had the temerity to try juices expressed from

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portant discovery made by William Harvey, which took place earl}

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the characteristic symptoms of mitral regurgitation.

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be excited by a variety of causes, either physical or emotional. Among

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Ordinarily, however, the operations practised include only the

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She always insisted that it gave her a load in her stomach.

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of the Society of Czech Physicians of Prague, Janovskv