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been reared in the effort to overcome them ; failure which we have felt
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we have but to look at many of the older pictures, notably Botticelli's
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HOPS — Humulus Lupulus. — Hops are cultivated in this
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The beautiful plates speak for themselves, and give a real
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for advice by the State Textbook Commission, rather than to un-
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rightly be placed under either of these heads, and they may
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are already full of spirits. The catanhal symptoms continue, it is true,
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pouch is fusiform, the ductus ejaculatorius very long and
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forty-three have remained free from recurrence, giving a recovery
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fibres. The main changes in the adjacent heart muscle are of
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quinia, and roborant diet, and thus the treatment was con-
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general appendicitis are present. The diagnosis may be
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rhage. We gave her hrandy several times, but she re-
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hangs out his shingle ; he has attended one course of lectures
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the medulla by blood impoverished in the nutritive substances, and
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melancholia with persistent refusal of food. It ap-
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depancreatized animals have been paralleled in man." An active pan-
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to stop his work until she is revived from a condition of
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Gutting from : Cerise (L.-A.-Ph.) [in 1. s.J. Melanges
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Also, transl. in: Arch, itiil. de biol., Turin, 1884, v, 147-
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ing some exhaustive fever, and very frequently accompanied
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Berryhill, Walter Reece, Chapel Hill; Harvard Med. Sch.,
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ment fully discussed, the policy of aggression being
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gradual dilation, which has given relief from most of the
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substance, are very unsatisfactory, especially if it be considered that in
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proved; hardly any pain. Ajiril 2. — Sent away disorderly.
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