success with which they have uniformly discharged their official duties in
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to confess, that the sputa has rarely afforded us any valuable or
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weak will, or a neurotic intolerance to even a little
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irritate the nasal membrane. It is peculiar to but not lim-
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which raise the general arterial pressure, are most unsuitable, inasmuch as
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Having made these general obsevations, I shall not intrude
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little detriment to the patient. But if it be attended by high elevation
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Dalton's " Physiology," page 664, in describing the regen-
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the thymus upland still remains to be investigated.
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site of cancer than is the connective tissue of the submucosa. At the
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in favor of the transmission of the malady by direct and even by indirect
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with moist scabs, separated by cracks, from which a sero-purulent fluid is
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recent conversation with his father the latter had ad-
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or face after fevers and attacks of malaria are forms of this
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hul defied the skill of several reputed "experts." I mear
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bears much similarity to the foregoing case ; on which account I intro-
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ferably over the motor area, the pulse and respiration improving
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the blood showed no malarial parasites. The fever was regarded
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species. The Australian snake venoms contain all three in
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have suffered a material and wholesome diminution from
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aid in emergency, counterfeiting diplomas, filing diplo-
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opening of the wound there is a perfectly distinct rim of stony hardness. The
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That sensitization with a foreign protein protects the skin from the harmful
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causes any inconvenience. In dogs it has been known to excite a fol-
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sion commencing at the root of the scrotum, and terminating just above
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one uncovers these stories, one learns that an account of
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border of the rectus, there was only a trace of subcutaneous fat, and
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what more prolonged, and an influence on the circulatory system
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proved, it will afford an explanation of some interesting and
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sixth, or seventh decade make good candidates for lipoplasty,
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