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of the capillaries, owing to which blood is effused into the

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are of no use, but have none when there is an opportimity for coitus,

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Institution for the Cure of Drunkenness. — The city of

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Dr. G. C. Heyd, son of .Mr. L. F. Heyd, K.C., Toronto,

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1908. — Dunbar: "Principles of Sewage Treatment." Translated by

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concomitant symptoms are to l)e considered, and, as bearing on both the seat

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who does not feel the floor under his feet, cannot walk erect, preserve

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hepatitis. In the excretory ducts, large calculi either cause ulceration

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pains, when storms are imminent, or other atmospheric perturbations.

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without discomfort; patient at work on a steamboat! Ulcer

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hook consists of a tongue depressor made in three lengths which,

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sixth day a peculiar eruption breaks out over the breast

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convalescence, and strongly advocated their more care-

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maliguiint, slower in returning after rducjval and in

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be paid to them aside from citing their surgical short-

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pital. The nurses of our hospitals have done more good for the prolongation

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of the bladder, and treated by surgical intervention. The coli bacillus was

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person any drug, medicine or appliance, apparatus or other

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pose) to congestion of the brain, is treated by ice to the head, cupping on the

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from India and give public demonstrations before the different Universities and

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The poison, if absorbed to some degree into the circulation, could cause

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whether he thought much benefit might be derived from