ice cream belong to this category. Inasmuch as ice cream is pre-
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cians and nurses, under the immediate supervision of the Medidl Superintendent. Special
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developments of the brain and intellectual faculties in infancy and child*
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But in other cases, and in the majority, this thickening tends to
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From the vertical semicircular canal the fibers, after passing through the
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As aphasia, or rather aphemia, is to speech, so is amusia to the faculties
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aurist had reported finding nothing abnormal about the ear, I felt
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functional, surely not due to microscopic changes in nerve-
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acute or subacute phenomena. The chronic form is by far the most
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ies, as sometimes occurs in the secondary invalidism of this
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ing duration of the case. Partial restoration is the rule even in favor-
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he did not think it of such consequence as to require any attention ; latterly,
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pneumonia. " These cases of initial pneumonia, which run the course of
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Mr. Herbeet Tilley, President of the Section, in the Chair.
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showed that the only difference to be observed was that the attacks were,
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the text of a bill that has been reported to the House of Representa-
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DeBalzac in ' ' The Country Doctor ' ' gives us this vivid picture of a Cretin : "A
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of the incurable cases of blindness. This is a deplorable
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without I he hearty aid of ali its women, mothers and non-mothers
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in process of time the nose will flatten in, very much as you see in
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This disease is characterized by thickening of the walls of the stomach in
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and immune opsonins possibly formed at the same time. So long
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enough so as not to endanger a future necrosis of the
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nor any of his concern. In an era of unprecedented demand
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" 2. The bed called by geologists the diluvium has been formed, partly at
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useful principle cast into shadow by the misadventures
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mediately suppressed." '^ Tconclude, that every preternatural
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prosperity or adversity, your memory will ever revert to this as one of
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as a counter-stain, and Griemsa's method. For the irou-
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(6) Natural Resources. (Location, quantities, usefulness in
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AC of Air Staff OC & R, 1 3 Dec 43, sub: Air Base
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the gullibility of people, by the use of a stolen name
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ing original matter. Old cultures of human tubercu-
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Tlie first and most important point, he said, was to determine
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apparent loss of virility, and consequently danger of hy-
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may not appear until after the temperature is normal, and if there has