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process of necrosis thus widely dissimilar from that which

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the lower extremities were swollen, painful, and stiff-

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closed, the ulceration of the skin on the forehead and cheeks, and

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Jj injected; 11:35 a.m., patient vomited; 11:45 a.m.,

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the union of the displaced fragments was concerned, and the rounding

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paper on "Hernia." In this it was shown that one out of every twenty

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microscope shows the growth of healthy pilous structures.

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clinics that use or do not use the SAQ, 3) to ascertain

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crude theories. One very essential factor is too much

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discovered. It is no less true that a vast deal has to be unlearned in

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to this day it has taught its children to things remain, that mind is not yet lost.

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not the stage of its progress, or the degree of mischief which it has produced.

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lar breathing, and the voluntary exercise of the brain.

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appear-to be an example of some other spinal affection. Charcot accounts

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the wound healed. She now says she is much relieved from the

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ness of the work. Young teachers have been aided by the in-

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Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Pennsylvania Medical College.

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[Abstr.] Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc.. Par., 1856, xlii, 340. —

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applications. But what is far more important, see that

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they strongly recommend its more extended trial in other

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cent., among those fed on broth and amylaceous fluids it was 16 per

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place, without return of consciousness, at the end of thirty-two hours. Dr.

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these volunteers came down with t3rpical malaria with parasites in the blood.