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as to secure thorough cleansing. The "pan"" closet is unsatisfactory,
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small quantity of magnesia and an ounce of water. After
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table or other hard surface when you examine upon the back,
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Preserved vegetables, though useful, seem to have a feebler antiscor-
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control. The absurdity, for instance, of demanding from one
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with 0.2, the other with 0.1 c.c. of blood and the requisite amount
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the state of the parts, or of the constitution. " It is my intention
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presented, leave alone; if the womb is large and flabby, dash a
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DeBalzac in ' ' The Country Doctor ' ' gives us this vivid picture of a Cretin : "A
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after attacks of eclampsia ; nor was there anything "like an
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health was good and his organs were sound. On going to bed he