should be taught as a branch of general medicine. Dr.
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tion, especially as tlie first two were triple posi-
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ing vena cava is to the right of it, the pulmonary artery to its left.
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of the placenta in those cases where the cord is drawn over the head-.
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gastric and precordial sinkings, the sub-mammary stitch, chest
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pea. Dr. Bruusgaard succeeded in demonstrating tubercles and tubercle
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quence of cold. Of late she began to complain of pain in the
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amount of harm. Of course the correct plan is to let the baby nurse
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The prognosis of cerebral arterial thrombosis is not very
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with the greatest care. Dissolve in water in the propor-
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■Totem Ib nn Algimkln word. Blenlf^lng tohnve or pisacSB. Itrcpre-
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Mix the yellow mercuric oxide with the alcohol in a tared
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an excision of the bones of the head is not so uniformly dangerous as some
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whether any greater importance is to be attached to the supposed lesions
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proper : " I am accustomed to say that medicine has made
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Resolved, That this Convention recommend to the County Medi-
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and the sterno-mastoid, were held aside by a retractor. The windpipe
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Committee on Military Affairs in order to urge that, in the
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that the entire operation was always successfully carried out,
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United States Army, from November 33, ISS4, to Notemhcr 20,
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" Within twenty years," he remarks, " typhoid pneumonia has extended in
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too purely a morphologic basis to be accepted without
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bacilli — which are capable of splitting up urea. These exist in the
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cystic disease affecting the kidney is itself fatal, and in such cases it is
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Case II.— INI. W., a woman, aged twenty-five years, entered the
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the holder to practise in any part of Canada, or in the provinces which have adopted this
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feeding. By doing this estancieros will have no difficulty in producing the animals
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removal are made. The total absence of adhesions or any visible sign of inflam-
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little use defining pasteurized milk according to its processes
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or pleurisy hydrothorax, then mercury is among the remedies
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It seems to me that the ingenuity of the members of this
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believed to result from their stimulating the movements of the stomach,
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nostic value. A peculiarity of the knee reflex in this
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oblique hernia, i. e., that through the inguinal canal. In direct or