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with replacement of the degenerated epithelium by a flatter, less special-
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mineral acids, and the various preparations of iron, are to be added to the
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feel she is all right. In a letter from Dr. Bloodgood, who probably
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2. In cases with icterus, according to Brugsch, a fat loss below
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origin, produces, in the first place, mental disturb-
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weak alum-lotion is substituted for the warm water;
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of the bones were exceeilingly soft, so as to be readdy
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These two classes include the whole mass of charity pa-
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logic and general symptoms the same as before, except that her station
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On the 15th August last, at 10.10 p. m., I was called on by Mr. P., who
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being nearly double their normal size, and the oedema extended to the abdominal
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1894 Thomson, StClair, M.D., 28, Queen Anne Street, W. Trans. 1, C.C. 3.
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The army medical officers are siill deprived of the full
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bruises and abscesses of the chest walls, sternal or costal, per-
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Rockefeller Institute says: "Infectioji with the dysentery bacillus
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employed, an opinion which is corroborated by Mursinna's cases,
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fering from acute or subacute exacerbations of her illness, but from which
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matter. Ten leeches were applied to the side; six grains
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In seven of these, objective examinations have shown that
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cribriform plate of the ethmoid, which is a very common effect of concussion.
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sural arteries were necessarily divided in the long incision
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in many grave epidemics they are of rare occurrence), a desire for fcKod
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judication from Paris (a task accepted at his hands),
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Netter considers that well-marked phagocytosis is merely a
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fense at Washington. These 30,000 men had been cir-
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M. & S. J., 1895, cxxxiii, 445. . The aflei tions
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feeding of 194 out of 993 children attacked, or 19'5 per cent, of the
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l)er diem, and, for nearly seven years, notwithstand-
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character of diet that should be prescribed for patients suffering with
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er, the same kind of evacuation, happened again, and to the