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lines and send him to the Legislature, and you will accomplish more in

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patient emerges from the apoplectic state. An embolns also gives rise to

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He was treated with sugar and a mixed diet, like the former patient : and at the

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18G2.] Flint, Jr., ^ew Excretory Function of the Liver, 345

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I conceive its employment is as unjustifiable as it is uncalled for — the

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none were found at any time. The membrane was examined for the

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Give example of each. 8. Give the technic of a gastro-enteros-

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students. The following resolution has been passed by

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ported during the week ending January 26, being a decrease

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" It includes all the flesh-forming constituents, earthy

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The second is that, to olttain any l)enefit from notilica-

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Deux cas de choro'idite suppurative ( panopbtalmite ) k

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perience, thit a compress over the epigastrium, bound on by an ordinary

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Dr. Sam Shultz Dr. William Golden Dr. John Olson Dr. Ben Saltzman Dr. 1. Dodd Wilson

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the Vice-Presidents of the Section on Surgery for the next meet-

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amateurs. Their productions, relatively good though they may be for

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puzzle or mislead the observer. My colleague Dr. Hawkins had

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experience I have repeatedly left the silk ligatures within the

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The section on the best food as a substitute for nursin^, is ex-

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of his birth, and for more than a quarter of a century after, belonged to

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tablished for methods of dealing with individuals in a

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spread to any extent along the lymphatics or veins.

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^•^Mi of urea through the alimentar}^ canal. It would be injudicious to

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further exudation of serum. No drugs whatever are given

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rapidly; these conditions are warmth, moisture, oxygen and organic

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diphtherioB have also been found. The last is of course present when

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tion. The same chapter gallops through the development of dermatol-

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appeared in the London papers. For instance, the Medical

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perforated gastric ulcers have been treated by immediate operation this

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count of 'vhiit we conceive to be the chief advantages and disad-

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nized ; and if the limb became crooked afterward it was the

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tilages in the knee-joint, the case selected for description being

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lack of proper attention to the sick, and to fright, grief, exhaustion, etc.

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milk), the lactic acid being detrimental to the development of the

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operator standing on a stool seizes the thigh flexed at right angles to

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Blood was found in the intestines. — Ibid., 1867.

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half an hour it swells, and in another half hour globules are formed, which

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a sparkling and agreeable taste. In what way it obtained the name of