twelve or thirteen months. Jn tiie majoritj of inslaims, the malady
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manded Dr. Sheppard for his conduct. Nothing cf this kind
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examples of carcinoma or papilloma of the tube. Five
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bronchial catarrh. The cause of death was an accident liable to
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letter which appeared in your journal through the medium of
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tients to use this modality at home. Either the subcu-
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surfaces over the whole or the greater part of the organ. In a small pro-
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But, so long as in modern text-books tuberculosis was defined as a disease
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any are present, is comparatively easy. This is not the
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a slight effect, but only temporary. ^ Here we have a physician, a man
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several cases, in one of which he also observed hemianesthesia followed
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antitubercular power of an increased venosity of the blood as the
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yields to cold water by stirring. A smaU tree in the open land, where it
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hideous ap|)earance, and the greater portion of the surface of the body may
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some external nerve. Good makes three species — faciei, pedis, mam-
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well equipped, the surgeon should have had a careful
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dnlness Itcgins ;it the margin of the sternum, and extends three inches and a quarter
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several points to be considered in estimating the value of statistics upon
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ovarian defect or absence of these organs, while a too
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recovery occurred without operation. In the second case,
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as usual with his business. In the fifth case cited, a pa-
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above referred to, and with flattering results. M. Be as, of
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A recognised Dental School is attached to the Hospital, which affords to Students
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Naval Academy, had since died, many of them, of phthi-
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with positive Schick reactions were immunized. A final case developed
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Professor Sir Henry Duncan Littlejohn,>LD., LL.D., F.R.C.S
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wherever they are situated. Subserous ones simply by excision after
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tolerable state of activity, prompt response is expected from
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during the year to enlighten and quicken tlie popular
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attention of the profession has been more steadily and