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ptoms — of aneurysm of the ascending aorta — of the arch — of the descending

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allopath, who was under a cloud for the horrible offence of having con-

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the arterial pressure may remain at a level not greatly below the normal,

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Dr. John Fulkerson, Professor and Director of Sports Medicine Division, Chief, Section of Sports Medicine,

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apparently entirely disappeared. The patient quickly regained his

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ed. We can testify to the contrary, and assert that no

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seem to be destroyed at the point of chief compression. The walls of

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the gunshot cases, came to autopsy and showed extradural hemorrhages in

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London Practitioner, written by Dr. G. F. Dowdeswell. The doctor pub-

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The affection with which hidrosadenitis is most apt to be con-

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therapy, of alcoholic stimulation, or of electricity.

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caemia and like diseases are now believed to be due to

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in Europe which is not on this separate plan — a fact

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Mrs. D , mother of ten children. All her previous labors

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Venezuela, for the last seven months doing clinical

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such tonic spasm may persist to the agonal stage, and only then be relaxed.

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everything else. Our chief concern as practitioners is centred in the

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By BENJAMIN H. BREAKSTONE, B. S., M. D. Chicago, 111.

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plaint 'by the earlier writers on Medicine, for no notice of it is

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to physicians ? Are the Mormons crazy or not ? We were invited, eight