the rete mirabile of Galen in the internal carotid, and of Hovius in the ophthal-
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land eight miles wide, and is so much intersected by lakes and bays that
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his ordinary work. He was admitted into the Hotel-Dieu, May 27th, 1833.
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and conclusively demonstrate the origin and nature of spurious me-
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isted during fifteen days, from the ulcer. These accidents were got under by
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This post is situated about three miles from the junction of three rivers — a
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teristic type, that we became assured we were dealing not with
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variation of a variety as a separate species would, indeed, accord
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must have been torn ofi' when the placenta was removed. To my mind it
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Fohmann, it is necessary to advert to the fact, that when these researches were
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for here we have an obvious phj'sical cause; the accumulated fluid in the pleural
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in a few of its convolutions. Some opaque white patches, however, were noticed,
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na are attributed to an exuberance of strength, and the form of the fever is said to
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persistent infection ; no history of lues. The attacks have sometimes seemed
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cent.; myelocytes, 1 per cent.; eosinophile myelocytes, 1 percent. In the
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vapour, vithout leaving any residuum which gradually accumulating would at
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The silk thread protruding from the mouth is first drawn back
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owing to the circumstance that the diseases developed by malarious causes,
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tous blush, which indicated considerable irritation. This irritation extended over
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durch den Missbrauch der Geistigen Getranke in hinsicht auf Bevolke-
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three or four hours. I generally confine the use of this combination to the
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Tuberculous eruption on the skin, necrotic tuberculid, dissemi-
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sis, and plan of treatment, are each examined with some care.
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whether this eruption were syphilitic or not; this gentleman was of strong mind,
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inch in leng-th in the lonoritudinal diameter of the left ventricle. The
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with the exception of an occasional sickness of a few days merely. This
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rendered very improbable by the recollections of those who have been
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brother (who was also of a strumous habit, began to complain of parts of his arm
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by pain towards the leftside of the sternum; by difficult breathing, palpitation,
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ment of organs, but we will confine our attention entirely to that
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The absence of edema at autopsy performed from five to ten
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curring in them, the effect either of present or previous disease,
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J. E. Paullin. Typhus fever in Atlanta, Georgia. Public Health Reports, January
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blood-pressure nor on the shape of the electrocardiogram, although
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Case of Carcinoma of ike Tongue, successfully treated with the Ligature. By
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The Urine. Almost all the work done has been with the urine.
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tV." And he furthermore remarks, in relation to the case at the time he
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recommend the work, however, to our readers as a veiy useful and interesting
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communication between it and the fifth pair must exist. After having examined
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anatomical difficulties in reaching the myriads of spirochetes that
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contain symptoms referable to the kidneys and the eyes, circulatory
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as assistant to Professor Chapman, and whose services in that ofiice have con-
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that the amountof urobilin is extremely variable. In the following
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derangement of the urinary excretion, which, when combined with
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