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bers of this society, homoeopathic physicians generally, and
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logical transudation. Hydrothorax, therefore, no more* deserves the
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The fact that funds, designed by both public and private
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usually correct. This fact was of great assistance to him in
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cultural characters, and positively identified. In the latter respect all
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testinal mucosa from blood stasis and a hemorrhage may ensue quite
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the lymjihatic temperament to the excess of activity in the absorbent
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occupation it supplies. The enndsion acts as a laxative and
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This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Auxiliary,
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pressed or is scanty and dark colored, recourse must be had to salt water
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opposite surfaces of the membrane were rough, and like tripe :
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ing-in of the lower ribs, as well as by the patient's distress. These last
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lists on remedies for dysentery, without even any mention of this once cel-
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lated: Buccal cavity, 2,270; stomach, 12,768; rectum,
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Past Members, Board of Medical Examiners of State of North Carolina x
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" Secondly/, to establish, if I can, a cordial understanding between
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with bellows," (Phil. Trans. 1667, No. 28, p. 539,) and confirmed the truth of the
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majority of instances, that the sword of the " matador " en-
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sia. This is but a step from Berlin, whence it may pass
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paralysis affecting one or both tii)ial muscles ; some-
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is required to understand the master trick of mesmerism,
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Mr. Gamgee's Sponge. — Mr. Sampson Gamgee has re-
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Tetany. — This, while commonly associated with old scarred ulcers
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been made by Kraepelin and others, with the result that mental
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as regards the condition of the patients, who are better one day, worse the
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ances, have resulted from exposure of the eyes to bright
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this condition. Her face was pale and anxious ; pulse
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purin group in some, and an entire absence of it in others. As an illus-
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alternate with delirium usually wandering but sometimes noisy and
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meal or some indigestible article of diet, or undue exertion or exposure
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exacerbations not very severe — more especially if the animal
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knee or hip as the other. A sharp, angular projection
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would be afforded by the doctors at the dispensary.
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lutionized the currents of thought and marked the epochs
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the only lesions found after death wliich were common to all, were of the
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respect to his person or his property, reganlless of the injury that may