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lished in all German papers, it cannot fail to react on the

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if allowed to remain undisturbed, will grow rapidly and

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Carter Gray, of New York ; " Perineal Operations," by

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all cases of obscure lameness in the fore extremity were attri-

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while hyperleukocytosis of high grade existed at the same time, that

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odorization of the evacuations, and a more rapid and

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fell into a quiet sleep, from which she awoke refreshed and cheerful.

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ments made with the urethra-meter in several hundred cases, without

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simply an evidence of excessive dosage ; but it is followed by no

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This crude turkish bath ends the trying-out process, and often the

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examiner of recruits at St. Louis, Mo., and ordered for duty

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tal with which he has been so long connected. He paid

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of digipuratum Knoll: This is an extract of digitalis leaves

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numerous cases of chronic pancreatitis and allied conditions?

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so in rare instances; he sprinkles it by means of an

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to think of as a germ : 1. Syphilis can not be produced by inocu-

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makes it, in other words, a mere symptom of that condition.

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All of our operations were performed under ether anesthesia. The

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As the upper limit of normal temperature is so important in

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power returned to his legs, and in tlie course of time he was

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■• The Inhibitory Anion of Listerine" (128 pages)may be had upon application to llu manufacturers.

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no excuse to offer, but because of a guilty buy their medicines by the bottle. That is

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to be superior in its effects, as well as in facility of ap-

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patient made a good recovery. We once found an ulcer close

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should be continued until the skin reaction is negative,

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water three or four times during the day, and not during the

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length Dr. Kogers's valuable pamphlet on the subject, thinking it

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fibres are in the postero-external column, but as each successive healthy

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ning of the disease, and the typhoid-fever mortality-rate was

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saved, that without its aid must of necesfity have been

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uticaria febrilis, which is attended by slight fever an J