paralysis of extensors of left arm more complete than in right ; extensors of lower extremi-
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the person were at the time in a reasonably good state of health. A life may
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tion and frequently secondary infection. In the healing of ulcers,
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and more common in women. Chlorosis and hysteria are the most common
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bed. Toward the last there was considerable dyspnoea.
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The book is well written in a plain, readable style, and is
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no lactic acid ; acidity = 70, erythrodextrin + ; peptone
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ceased, and of the ten objects on the stage who had
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Fig. 1. Distribution of Aragallics lamberti in the XTnited States 37
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one of much general weakness. He survived his discharge from the hospital
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playing a vast range of experience, with the most scrupulous care
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sonous nature of copper salts is held by Dr. T. \V.
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10% of the patients, chronic destructive arthritis, which
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the secretion of urine continues as long as the animals had lived, i. e., three or four months :
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ureteral calculus, pyelitis being not such a rare condition in young
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He had first called the attention of the profession to
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from place to place in succession. The joints, indeed, were
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stearic acids, will at room temperature take the stain with Sudan III or Scharlach
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a For madder, MSS. V. G. T. A. draw a great rhizome,
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the great obstetric surgeon, in his last lecture in
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stomach contents or of the motor functions of the organ, blood
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Germany. In Vienna butchers have long known this parasite
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P.M., meeting of the Sections at their respective halls. '
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sion, under the influence of but little pressure of the hand, the her-
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like aspect that usually characterizes asylum buildings.
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jNIay 2nd. Hands are all right now, feet are warm, but are
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where the epididymis is situated. Grenerally the disease terminates in
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ages of these persons, the unquestionable evidences of the cystic
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with arterial hypertonus. Such headache may have one of three expla-
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in the gastric tubules, into pepsin. Pepsin contains the
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without eye-pieces, and it may be added that all of the achromatic
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demonstration of gonococci in the blood during life in this case. The culture
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of pencils or cones of a finely granular fracture ; becoming
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pensary or consulting-room. If he has a temperature and