treatment resulting in complete success. The attending surgeons of this

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destroy the poison of cholera. As a matter of fact. Sir George Johnson's

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manifested many of the usual phenomena of that state. She walked

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ments, Siam, China and Japan — which have not been so carefully

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somewhat hardened and of a whitish color, similar to the cuticle of ex-

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the electrode to the motor points of the muscles in order, noting whether

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anaemic mass of fibrous tissue, with rare flattened nuclei, rich only in

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ucts." Now we find, for instance, that if the cholera vibrio be culti-

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increase in their mental education. Without this the process cannot be

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(Communicated for the BoetoD Medical and Surgical Jonraal.]

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of 52-7 per cent. Between 1st July 1894 and 8th July 1895, 50 cases

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Recently Anderson described two cases of enteric where the fever

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(1370j is responsible for two compounds, and from Fernlius many' are

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Sunday evening an interview was held with the patient. He is not only

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cillus immobilis et foetidus (Frankel and Sanger), and the bacillus of Gil-

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is, " by a slow, laboured inspiration followed by a quick expiration and a

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from ignorance. More than one organism, once thought to be a true par-

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In the earlier years of my practice I tried a variety of drugs very

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when associated with coma and convulsions, is indicative of distension of

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the Medical Society, delivered an address before the candidates for the

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raised, for -clinically it may be shown that recovery from an infective

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At the capture of Rangoon in 1852, numbers of men under my

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Tumours; their Classification; Limitation of the term ^'â– Epithelium'''

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the peritoneum. An inquiry arises whether this is the only condition to

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nation, and for its introduction into the food or drink of man, are the

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from the albuminous substances of the body or culture media : they re-

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In recent times less and less heed has been paid to drug-treatment,

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things, a multiplication of the means of contributing to the relief of the

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advise our professional brethren to insist upon it. Some waters, like

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tures for several days after the twelfth day (the " amphibolic stage " of