general interest, and at the next annual meeting of the State Society,

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rigorous proof. The tendency of modern physiology and of modern ex-

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l0t. ** That the rital actions of the nerves are not attended with the development of any galvanic oun«ntB ^

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Onewlio is not a thoroughly practical short-hand ■writer

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ity of the hands and feet are also common symptoms.

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How much the publication, from time to time, of the per-

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tumor weighed six pounds and three quarters. In its center

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moval with the knife ; still, he had observed that in young peo-

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is the peculiar birthri|ht of good women ^"'^'^''""l , M^^<^^ School and Hospital;

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required to pass through an initiation, or hazing, which

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mation a fibrinous exudation is* deposited in the tissue of the mucooB

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hul defied the skill of several reputed "experts." I mear

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S[)iratitin, and remains quiet for half an hour or an

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wound hurt somewhat, and the surrounding tissues began to

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second smallest in numbers of our County Societies. The meet-

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chloroformed, and Mr. Vincent Jackson then removed by

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ment in the average annual temperature, the greatest difference

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vailed in the eastern United States we have collected many speci-

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No. 3, Wilton-place, on .Tune 7, who frankly told me that the

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body becomes better nourished, and the muscular system

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allusions made to it are put in terms M-hieh are out of all

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having cured, as he says, burning by approximating the in-

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the work can be obtained in from six to eight weeks. In

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muscles passing from the head to the shoulders, clavicles, and ribs

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further time must elapse before suitable preparations for

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