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abscess, gangrene and bronchiectasis have been attacked surgically.
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tered the conditions of our libraries, and resulted in greater use of the books by
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the quantity obtained from each organ was small, and might be described as
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rarely exceed the size of a horse-bean, and are not generally larger than
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226. Anopheles maculipennis resting. (After Sambon, from the British
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Quebec shall be divided into two sections, which shall
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*Read before the Orange County Medical Association, Aug. 2, 1S0S.
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and parasite-infected corpuscles, which are also found in even greater
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and potassium ferrocyanid, slight precipitate. Fehling's test no reduction. Foam
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Small-pox is sometimes mistaken for chicken-pox. Measles is not always
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1894 Attlee, John, M.B., B.C., 58. Brook Street, W. C.C. 1.
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defect. It is no less true than paradoxical, that the percep-
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hysterical, demented and like the evil spirit, wrings the heart to witness.
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obstruction to drainage and the retention of the products
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(1699-1778), a distinguished medical practitioner of this
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hip-joint, November 22nd, 1860 ; he was at once brought to the "Work-
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tive serum will be estimated according to the dose of the serum necessary
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yellow purulent discharge from the right eye and inflammation of the
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