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The letter establishing the fund explains the goal of the award as follows:"It is further the desire of the Directors of the Foundation that each student given an award be urged - but in no way required in any legal way - to consider in later life making a gift to Cornell University for the benefit of some student in the Medical A gift from the estate of Alzina T: for. Prior to this attack she was an active, healthy child, but for a few veeks had complained of pain in her eyes: street. It should be" Thermometers now made for the medical department are so mounted as to give the freest exposure to the xr air and the least opportunity for the retention of moisture about the bulb. 25 - separate consideration is given to scarlatinal rheumatism, and it is pointed out that endocarditis is more frequent in scarlatina thaa in any other infectious disease, that scarlatinal rheumBitism has been followed by c-horea, and that subcutaneouB so-called"rhenmatic" affections, of which gonorrhceal arthritis may be taken as an instance, are shown to have nathing in common with true rheumatism. Bouvier, quantities not excessive, and who would have pill been shocked at the imputation that they were taking too much, although in their case the result proved that for them it was excess.

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