a spur to improve methods, I will therefore cite a case of cystitis, where
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I now undertook a series of experiments with the co-
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a metal rod I?, and wrapped with a sponge at the apex
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block voluntary impulses, but do not disturb the peripheral excitability .of the
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with water and a little acid alcohol, dried, and again replaced.
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meningitis. In meningitis at the base of the brain sudden death may
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cava to the pulmonary capillaries, where they could be demonstrated
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— Another dose administered. 3.43. — Limbs convulsed. 3.45. —
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affection of the central fibres of the hypoglossal ; but dysphagia, when it
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as to deny the possibility of such admixture cyanosis, on account of certain mechan-
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Society was held April 18. Encouraging letters were read
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registers show that the frequency of albuminuria has more than doubled during
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stomach, such as malnutrition due to altered states of
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When the conduction of sensory impressions is completely inter-
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is Watson, claim the point of election for the apex of
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injuries of the cerebrospinal axis, it is not reliable. For the
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official county physicians, in which case the local physicians attended the sick poor
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United States Army, to fill existing vacancies. Per-
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intended to be given to the family by the physician, and for such
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notic for some months, and was convinced that it was the cause of the ailment.
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which, independently of any local irritation, the whole system
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the compression and on the galvanization of the medulla ; cases of diabetes
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were selected to go with him for temporary duty. The purpose of
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as the examinee’s personal physician, the physician
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special treatment of cancer and diseases of the skin. Accom-
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pneumonia, does not occur in broncho-pneumonia. The pulse-curve in this
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It is the impression of those who have followed the trial which
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mach; the suppression of menses, or other discharges. The sud-
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cance of the term mellitus. Ghjconuria and melituria are names applied
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the State Board of Health, and vesting their respective
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removed four years before were noticed to be much larger than
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I am sure he would give it his best attention. That is one
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;/"'■"""" '■^■^■"Pl- "'11 Iv.., illu-,,-.,,.- -h,- 0,M,pli.,„i„„
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dark ulcer: sometimes pieces of dead flesh, and even nerves and membranes