a uniform layer, and is seen in the bones of young horses,

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Definition. — An infectious disease of the horse caused by the Bacillus

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Therapeutics. — The treatment can be only prophylactic

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muscles being — 1st. To keep the parts firmly together ; 2d. To

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opportunity to become accustomed to the use of ordinary instruments of

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emulsion. I usually employ pure glycerin as the vehicle.

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granulating base covered with a small amount of thick, yellowish exudate.

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normal developments of adipose tissue which occur in infancy and at the

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ralgia, and the experience of others justifies this leconi-

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material, or chromatin.^ So striking, in fact, are the preparatory changes

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For "impermeable" or very tight strictures, gastros-

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If the patient is not strong. Calomel should not be given, but a salint>

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Unfortunately, circumstances do not always permit of the use of

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have been brought before the eyes of the public. It

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and sometimes the contraction is so marked as, in connection with the

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of about 1,000 people with trade area of 20,000, for

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perspires occasionally ; peculiarly greasy between shoulders, and on

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external surface being infiltrated. Histological examination was made

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the way of experience. An early marriage, the care of a home,

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papillome. Bull. Soc. anat. de Nantes 1882, Par., 1884, vi,

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at night; and sometimes wasting. The discharge is the invariable

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The next step in the present inquiry would be to determine in

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appear before the patient's eyes ; in consequence, it is presumed,

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warm reception which will be accorded to attendants of this