(in limited amounts), cream soups, thin cereal soups, eggs (chiefly the

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anesthetized and a small cut (sometimes) made, into which the instru-

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Hot Baths. — In relieving hydrops which arises from conditions other

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pneumococcus, staphylococcus, colon, and typhoid bacilli. This

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by Voigt (Nothnagel's clinic), but disputed by Pawinsky. The dose is

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their power to destroy streptococci. Rosenow' has demonstrated

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they must be so constructed as to secure the free circulation of air,

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brane was alone affected. Indeed, not only is it incurring a wanton risk in the

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berries, cooked or raw, (fruit with stones, and cranberries, must be

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guinea-pig weighing 500 gms. A large swelling appeared within a few hours and the

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The Lancet method, on the whole, seems to be a distinct advance

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(From the Board of Health Laboratory, Isthmian Canal Commission.)

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the fact that not only is the complementary body destroyed by

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ers, Ritchie, Stewart, Linton, Muirhead, Angus Macdonald, Eraser.

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ca>es ; while the adults, with the exception of the two already

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men are placed in railway-carriages, are conveyed a moderate

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passed, we must treat the post-hemorrhagic anaemia. Unless the hemor-

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massage, all three carried out by means of special machines run by steam

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debated upon between M. Pouchet and M. Pasteur, which is this :

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land have contended that forms described by various investigators

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eral practice. We would particularly direct attention to the mode of

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bines fineness of point with rigidity and a comparatively large

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which lessens the vascularity of the gland. All agree that the treatment

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that a patient will accept a rather rapid increase of the dose without

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Stained smear. — Mononuclear cells still predominate, although the proportion of

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order to contract the relaxed vessels of the skin. He should then lie in

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of morphia in solution, but had rapidly to increase it first to one half, then to

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considerable difficulty in proving the existence of an epidemic of

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lar in appearance to those noted in the bodies of the hyphae, but

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tubes, although alone the antibody had absolutely no effect.

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Non-localized rheumatism is as liable to mistake nearly as its

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overacidified when it reaches the intestine, and so the bile, pancreatic, and

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permanent all-the-year-round residence is desirable, find here very favor-

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suspending his glasses over these spots he was delighted to find

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Fig. 76. — Adult H. lineata. Note the long pointed posterior end, and the round

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advocate the introduction of both poles, for I liold that the presence

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of hydrochloric or lactic acid) . Daremberg, for example, prescribes the

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regulated, with excesses, indiscretions, fatigue, exposure, friction, and

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where so many patients are grouped together in one building, the

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The separation of the limbs is an instinctive means of keeping

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moderate general knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the