Pyonephrosis requires surgical treatment, either in the form of draining

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Edward B. Dench, of New York ; Syphilis and its Treatment,

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pain that remained, and did not relieve the chronic

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terized by high fever and often extreme pulmonary congestion,

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bronchial tubes. (Edema of the glottis is an occasional accident in adults.

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vacillating increase is equally susceptible of explana-

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all ; after they are far advanced there is very little hope. It

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Treatment. — Three courses of treatment have been fol-

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exhalations wliich produce remittent and intermittent fevers. The western

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tissue into dangerous albuminoses which produce fever, paralysis, prostration and

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nitrogen in this fraction, which contained extractives, ammonia compounds, and

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connection, that instead of making such institution absolutely free, that it

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relieving symptoms in patients with pheochromocytoma However, paradoxical hypertensive

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be overcome, the resistance increased, so that the bacilli will not find

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sible to light; breathing more natural; pungent heat of whole surface,