whole tonsil and spreads on to adjacent structures. The intensity
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Tlie wound in tlie face remained closed until November, 1854,
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rounded by a membrane, on the surface of which may be traced some
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borhood of the pedicle of the tumor contained about
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tumour. At this early date he suffered from certain urinary ailments of
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voisier and published in his work on "Diseases of the Biliary
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own, wlrere P. of. Lister's method is gaining ground
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2. Scarification of the Erythematous Eruption and Examination of
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unpublished and inaccessible except by special favour or by pay-
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lecturer "' — energetic because of the largeness of his audience ;
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In this connection may be pointed out the surprisingly small
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the weakened condition, whilst I have seen it aggravate cases of melan-
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artery by exercising a little extra pressure with the stethoscope at
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among pharmacists whose mother tongue is German, and that
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friends of the patient long before it becomes necessary to place him under
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conditions styptic remedies would clearly be worse than useless.
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air being at 621 deg., the body was at 99 degrees, and the atmosphere ris-
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ances, have resulted from exposure of the eyes to bright
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searches have shown that a variety of parasitic animals inhabit
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once — Should Forensic Medicine, or legal Medicine, or public
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save the use of the stomach pump in morphine poisoning
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A New Form of Intra-Ocular Iris Scissors, and their Application in
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broad. Another ^j dose of the extract was ordered at night, also to be followed by
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the matter is chaff, the task would not be a pleasant one if it were possible
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would collect beneath the red and avoid the blue-glass com-
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chorea, and a peculiar inflammation of the joints resembling
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becoming anxious, it was deemed advisable to have further advice. Although
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occasioned by a diminished supply of blood, and that blood of bad
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viving the attempted smothering process, and the program
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In all ordinary forcible muscular movements the glottis is
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exposed. The cause of the strangulation may l>e actual com-
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Ancker Hospital, 12-1-33, with cough, fever, pain in the
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34. Delavan, " N. Y. Medical Journal," June 22, 1889.
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is contained in each orderly pouch. The diagnosis tags are made
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of treasures in the library is really surprising. There are 234.5
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Military District of Georgia and South Carolina, has been Typhoid Fever, and that no case
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peritonitis must be distinguished from the progressive or chronic inflam-
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for all sections enabled the department to render more accurate and faster
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Algid Pernicious Fever. — S^q have already noted that in choleraic
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introduction by Hy. Alexis Thomson, C.M.G., M.D , F R C S E and
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a cutaneous disease of nervous origin in which the vasomotor dis-