an effort. If the inspiration has any result, the thorax

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nl^ch flesh. Cribbiting is the habitual trick m the horse

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milk. Physicians in the larger cities have to depend upon them more

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severely epidemic. Then it has crossed the Atlantic,

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barbie. lie warns us of its poisonous properties, and advises its use in

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nitrogen in this fraction, which contained extractives, ammonia compounds, and

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sanitated. Eighty-one lectures, illustrated by stereopticon pictures, por-

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attached to tbe stem after the latter has been passed into the

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unanimity of expression among all observers and authors upon the subject.

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When, also, he submits ^ " diagrams and pulse tracings, taken from

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Whether this be the work of gastrologist or neurolo-

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by nausea and pain over the stomach. There may be diarrhea

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As the bacilli are to be regarded as the virus of tul)erculosis, so their

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asbestos piston and thoroughly sterilized. This syringe should contain about 5 cc.

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was seized with a hemorrhage, followed by the ordinary

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But what will ''legitimate medicine," and its organ say to this avowal

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ScHAB.AD, J. A. "Actinomycosis atypica pseudotuberculosa," Ztschr. f. Hyg.

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focus your attention upon the significance of the progressive movements

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or Gleason methods plus many cases that were formerly classed

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Epilepsy, Infantile Convulsions, Puerperal Convulsions, Sexual

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remains a sustaining goal of efforts to improve perinatal

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therefore on the assumption that the birth-rate and death-rate in that

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7.^A man presented liimself for the treatment of a pecu-

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In giving sketches of the following cases I have cur-

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logical skill on my part ; and, if anything be needed