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afterwards, on one occasion only, a little blood. During all

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more important as it is difficult, especially in the case of little children, to

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ful is injected we may spare our patient much of the unpleasant

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that of making an accurate diagnosis, even when we know them to be present,

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convolutions were flattened and free from lymph. Lateral ventricles, foramen of

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cerebrum, pons, medulla, and cord was markedly congested.

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ever, about the real attack which the actor does not observe, or cannot

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as on the site of the operation itself. Now, iu cases

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the claim is virtually conceded and a brief synopsis of the

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begins; this method will at times abort an attack. As soon as the attack

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M. Reu6 Gailly.] Ann. Soc. d\anat.-path. do Brux., 1888,

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close of his career had found twenty diseases for which

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fying that many investigators are not deterred by the tedious

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the blood-current itself, however, the micrococci do not increase in num-

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published as promptly as our other engagements will admit of — we

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physiological dilatation at the moment of stimulus of the motor nerve.

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discussed some of the issues taken up at the Legislative

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balancing himself ; indeed, his ataxia does not seem to have improved

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(a) Those wuth tubercle bacilli ; (b) those without tubercle bacilH.

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with sanguine vessels, are the lungs, the tegumentary system,

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Surgeons of Columbia University. Illustrated with 447 Engravings.

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"conspiracy of silence," call The Medical Society of Virginia's Physicians' Health and Effectiveness

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eyes to the side of lesion ; but as it was accompanied by general hemi-

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a most powerful antiseptic, disinfectant and deodorant. Bacteriological

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intention. A term used to express the union of two surfaces, by

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adherent so strongly, that the lung was lacerated in removing it : this more espe-

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the same patient. The tonsillar lesion may be syphilitic

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alterations in the volume of the urine depend upon quantitative and

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and the invalid. In the case of a man, the perineum, with

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tion and regidation of a Conjoint Examining Board, the Society

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rhage may also cause a diminution of free HCI. with an amelioration of ihe

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take too long here to discuss in detail the psychology of this kind of

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