digestion is feeble ; also in the case of young children.

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ing; even when there is a clear history of syphilis, "if

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proves insufficient when the presentation is complete."

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the matter is chaff, the task would not be a pleasant one if it were possible

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of syphilis, still this is the third case I have had in which the disease

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J. O'H., aged five years, is a typical case of this serious condition.

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inhibition. 6. Ilsemic murmurs are more readily inhibited

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It must be noted that the cysticercus of T. saginata and of T. hyda-

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De ISeurmann and Gougerot (1906). Annales de Dermatologie.

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purin group in some, and an entire absence of it in others. As an illus-

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sick call at 5.30 and try to find out every cadet that is not feeling fit for his

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bronchitis. In November, 1920, he came to me with an attack

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at Gilmorehill. The geological section has been recently

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glandular tissue, situated at the junction of the cutis and the panniculus

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Medical Officer of Health in certain districts. The Committee

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an adequate idea. Tlie vastncss of the measures themselves

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an average of twenty-four per cent, of all cases of

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antigens are employed is so small as to be practically negligible (Snow and

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Total number of deaths from yellow fever during the

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Stockton, Charles G., 436 Franklin St., Buffalo, Erie Co.

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these patients presented a well developed pneumonia. While under

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I wish now to describe this process — based on the

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flxed on cells and the best method of securing their fit-

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occluded with mucus and phosphates, the latter being with-

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cent home for small-pox patients in Dublin, as a necessary

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per 100 c.c.) in the wash-water, is corroborative in ulcerative cases. Falk

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