I'inaiiition absolue chez les lezards. [Transl. from : Bull,

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to attain. The best, and often the only way, is do away with

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Caused by Madurella mycetomi (Laveran, 1902). This mycetoma

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diagnosis of a fsecal accumulation is made by the character of

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blood vessels in the soft tissues about the eye, and an extensive

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Complaints Committee — Drs. Griffin, Luton, Douglas, Thorburn and Macdonald.

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the sanitary conditions to which sue was sulijected in her

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the cornea unless vision is practically entirely lost. In this variety of

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is focussed on the retina. When, therefore, the immediate source of light

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pe<Mili:ir i<lca>< ami |>e<'iiliMr lialiits, not calculated toeiicour-

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pain and limit the exudate, as well as to prevent uterine tenesmus.

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say, the worst cases. Of these nine patients four died.

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bone-marrow and spinal cord) no spirilla were seen free within blood vessels and

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rated, cancerous, or otherwise diseased. The presumed connection between

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tioners. By J. Bland-Sutton, F.R.C.S. (Eng.), Surgeon to

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was ot course large, and many of them were doubtless

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not be made until after a few seconds have elapsed.

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important organ is begun as a differentiation of a part of the-

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Treatment. — Three courses of treatment have been fol-

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a draught. But we can see at once, that if the room

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be so extensive and severe as to involve a large portion of the trunk

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poral artery. I could here give reports from my note book of

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the Royal Institution, Manchester; G. Southaji, Esq.,

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surgery of the type associated with an increased risk of thromboembolism, or during periods of prolonged

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* The forcops rarely come into action in placenta praivia, although

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ever, that this small proportion of deaths, 6 in 1000

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treatment with the mortality noted at the London Hospital under various

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of a drug within the body is too weak to kill these organ-

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ity of cases, especially in adults. Finally, as far as the reaction to the

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last coat they were placed in the retiring room and re-

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accomplishment of the crime so as to satisfy the law,

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In the foot-notes Mr. Hutchinson says he has known the second eye

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cluding the entire ulcer bearing area, would have been

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both at home and abroad, have had extensive clinical

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